Part I. In the midst of it all

The Exhibition

The Exhibition

Apr – Jul, 2021. ‘Art in Ruins/Part I. In the midst of it all’ explores twofold, the current state of art and that of the human creating it – abandoned, restricted yet unremittingly taking form and taking up space. Through these outwardly placed restrictions, we are forced to question the structures around us.

How we deal with the circumstances we wind up in and the realities we create when our current sense of “normal” has fallen apart. All has gone except a sense of the question of existence, of existence as a question.

How, What, and Why?

During five months between December 2020 and April 2021 each piece of this exhibition was made almost entirely on-site. No heater, no electricity, just wind howling through the floors of the building.

There was something brutally unsettling about walking into an abandoned space day after day with temperatures dropping well below zero. Each time a sense of unease would creep in, that’d leave you wondering if today was the day you’d encounter someone and if that stranger would be a friend or foe; if what you’ve been working on has been destroyed by wind, weather, or through human hands.

This very setting kept bringing up the question of “why”. 

Why do all this? Why freeze to create? What’s the purpose of creating this? What am I trying to say and who am I trying to say it to? Most of the time there wasn’t a definitive answer to these questions, only a strong urge to keep creating and chipping away at the fatigue and pain that has accumulated over the past years, and that came to its climax during the pandemic. 

What started with emotions of helplessness and chaos, turned into an Exhibition about hope and vulnerability. About the will to stay alive. To create to prove that we still, in fact, exist; we matter in the purest sense of the word.


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